First Appointment

During the first appointment, we like to get a general idea of what the client is looking for in terms of house plans, location, timeline and an approximate price point. These meetings are conducted one on one in a private setting, typically in our office in Hudson. The agenda for this first meeting should include the following points of discussion:

  • Complete client overview.
  • Preliminary set of drawings may be identified or architectural design process will be discussed. For custom homes, this may require looking through previous plans to pinpoint a base line. 
  • Land is identified and lot reservations are made if necessary to temporarily secure lot during the proposal process.
  • Finance/lender options are discussed.

Financial Component – What Should Be Expected?

The mortgage process starts with filling out an application with your lender. Hartman Homes has great working relationships with various lenders and can assist with recommendations if needed. 

From the application, a credit report is obtained and “pre-approval” is granted. After the initial application and credit report are completed, the lender can discuss loan options and payment amounts you may be most comfortable with.  At this point, your home construction budget can be determined.

Upon completion of this process, your lender may ask you for verification of all information stated including:

  • pay stub documents
  • w-2 forms
  • tax returns
  • bank statements
  • retirement statements.

The client is encouraged to make decisions in the areas of financing, lot selection and general house plan design prior to proceeding to the next step. 

Next Step - House Plan Selection

Welcome to the exciting home design process. The inspiration for your home plans can come from many different idea sources.  Some common sources used include web sites such as Houzz and Pinterest, model homes visits, existing house plan books, and your past living experiences. Our job at Hartman Homes is to weave all of your ideas into one cohesive design.  

Whether you are starting with a Fully Custom Plan or modifying one our popular Pre-Designed Plans, we promise that the process will be enjoyable.

 Fully Custom Plan Process

Starting with a blank piece of paper and pencil, the architectural designer reviews your ideas and begins to create your vision. While this path takes time, it will ultimately give you the home that will best fit your individual life style for today and years to come.


  • Site meeting with the architectural designer and a Hartman Homes Representative. After the site meeting, we move the meeting to an office setting for a discussion of home needs. The architectural designer takes notes and starts to formulate a vision of the home.  
  • Within a couple of weeks, the first round of plans will be created and a meeting will be set.
  • After review of the plans, any changes will be made. Depending on the amount of changes, these final “tweaks” can be made and discussed via email.
  • Once final bid set of plans are created, another meeting is set to create the Specifications Book. This will document the general specifications you would like included in your home bid.
  • Plans go to bid. At this point we send the drawings and specifications to vendors and subcontractors to bid.
  • Within two weeks we will have a final project price determined, and a final meeting is scheduled to present the price of the home to you.

Pre-Designed Artisan Series Plan Process

To streamline the design and build process, we created pre-designed plans called the Artisan Series.  To develop these plans, we combined many of the bestselling home plans and features of past custom homes and wove them into a revised and modified set of plans that will appeal to a broad spectrum of Clients. Next, our team created a list of standard features and estimated price for each home plan. Customizing these pre-designed plans to individual needs and style is welcomed and very common.  By selecting a pre-designed plan, we can discuss pricing and design changes at the very first meeting. Read the steps below for a quick overview of this process.


    1. Review the Pre-Priced Artisan Plans and select the plans that closely fit your new home needs.
    2. Discuss any potential changes needed to customize the plans.
    3. A Hartman Representative will estimate the associated costs with the modifications and present you with a Price Reconstruction Sheet (PRS). This document will show the original base price and costs to modifiy or add items.
    4. If  the estimated price meets your expectations and is within your budget, you will move forward with a Design Agreement, and our architectural designer will make your chosen modifications to the plans.
    5. A meeting is scheduled at the Hartman Office to review the plans.
    6. After plans are approved, the plans and specifications are sent out for a final bid.   
    7. Once all final bids are received, Hartman will schedule a final meeting to review the final price and details. At this meeting, more modifications may be discussed to ensure you are comfortable with the final price and specifications. Please allow some additional time in the process for this step if needed.


Contract Signing & Paper Flow

A formal paper process, referred to as the Completed Contract secures a legal, binding relationship between you and Hartman Homes. The completed contract consists of three parts:

  • Specification Book – The Specifications Book is a 30 page document that serves as an addendum to the formal agreement and provides a higher level of detail of materials and labor included in your project.
  • Building Construction Agreement – The BCA is an 8-10 page legal binding document containing details regarding financing, terms, allowance items, occupancy guidelines, warranty information, etc. The BCA is signed after the specification document is complete.
  • Blue Prints - The house plans, also known as blueprints, are working drawings that the tradesmen will actually use to construct the home. In addition to completing the Specifications Book and signing the BCA, we will also discuss and hand write on the blueprints any pertinent details regarding locations of vents, meters, mechanical chases, exterior faucets, etc.

At this stage, we start a paper chain in order to get the ball rolling. The following items are distributed accordingly:

  • Finance and insurance details are covered and questions answered by the Hartman Homes accounting team.
  • A copy of the Building Construction Agreement, Specifications Book and full set of plans are given to the lender. The lender then orders an appraisal and title work. The appraisal can usually take up to 14 days to be completed. Once completed your loan moves to underwriting, and both a construction and end loan are approved.
  • A closing date is set to close on your initial construction, at which time permits can be applied for.
  • Well, septic and building permits are applied for by Hartman Homes with the perspective city or county.
  • A date is set for the lot and construction loan closing.
  • First appointment with the designer is set and outline is delivered.
  • Plans are then distributed to the framing crew and other subcontractors to start production.