Hartman Homes includes interior design services with each home. Our in-house designer will guide you through the process of making selections for your new home! Our goal is to create an enjoyable, stress-free building experience that reflects the discriminating tastes and an ideal living environment of you and your family. Not only does our designer manage the selection process, but will inform you as to how your selections fit within your budget.


Phase One: Exterior Selections

The first meeting takes place in the design room at the Hartman Homes office. Together we will review the house plans, discuss the overall design scheme and review the list of specifications and allowances associated with your particular home. 

We will have samples in the office of all options for your exterior selections. As selections are made, Hartman Homes will enter them into a private web page, so that you can be reminded of what selections you have made and what you have left to select.

Please be prepared and bring snapshots or pictures of home exteriors that catch your eye.

Exterior Selections Include:

  • Roofing Material and Color
  • Siding color, Trim color
  • Soffit and Fascia material/color (the eaves)
  • Window Color – both exterior and interior
  • Entry Door styles and hardware selection
  • Exterior Decking Material (if applicable)
  • Screened Porch (if applicable)
  • Brick, cultured stone or natural stone (if applicable)

Phase Two: Mechanical Selections

The mechanical portion of the selection process may be handled two different ways; they can be selected by the designer and approved by you or you can go directly to the vendors to make selections. Mechanical selections include:

Electrical Supplier & Lighting Showroom

The electrical supplier will be provided with a copy of your house plans in advance. Together, you can walk through the plan and discuss electrical needs specific to location of lights, outlets and other electrical considerations. NOTE: This meeting does not entail actual selection of lighting fixtures.

Plumbing Supplier

The plumbing supplier will be provided with a copy of your house plans in advance. You can view their showroom and select your plumbing fixtures. Fixtures include but are not limited to: bathtubs, shower units, faucets, toilets, sinks and more. A Hartman standard selection package is included in your contract but you may opt to change or upgrade these options. When selections are made, the plumbing supplier will forward the necessary information and fixture specifications to Hartman Homes.

Heating, Ventilation, A/C Contractor

Exact selections and locations of all items related to the heating and cooling of the home are made. Specific zoning of areas, radiant floor heating and other climate control items are selected here.


If you would prefer to have any security system, stereo-speakers or other pre-wired audio, video or electronic needs, it is important to make your audio video selections prior to the completion of your home being framed. It is not necessary for the designer to be a part of this meeting, but please let the designer know if you intend to have any of this work completed by yourself or an outside source so that she may provide information on the timing of the wiring. Also, bring an extra copy of your plan for them to make notes and keep for installation purposes.


During this meeting, you will make selections for the actual fireplace unit, the height of the hearth. This meeting does not include the fireplace surround – tile, mantle or other design elements around the outside of the fireplace. 


Selections for all kitchen appliances, bar area and laundry appliances are made at this visit. When working with Sears or Warner's Stellian, Hartman Homes can assist you in making an appointment in the Contract Sales area. While the showroom is the same as the retail area, the prices for appliances are discounted for new home owners. When selections are completed, then your appliance representative will provide your selections to Hartman Homes.

Mechanical Walk-Through at Site

A Mechanical walk-through will be scheduled by Hartman Homes. It is critical that you are present for this meeting as all of the sub contractors listed above and the designer will be attending. This is the last moment for input as you look at actual locations and specifics for all mechanicals. During this step, location of various items may require a slight modification and your input is required. (This is also noted in the production section.)

Phase Three: Interior Selections

Making the interior selections are “the icing on the cake”, and typically the last of the major decisions in regards to the design, color, and overall feeling in your home. Beautiful homes flow from space to space and if designed accordingly can remain timeless. Your designer will work with you to achieve an atmosphere that reflects your taste and lifestyle. If you are in need of floor plans for furniture placement, and/or new furniture and accessories etc., our designer is available for an additional fee.

Please Be Prepared:

  • Bring any photos that show styles, rooms, colors or features you like.
  • Bring snapshots or pictures of home exteriors that catch your eye.
  • Visit websites such as Houzz, Pinterest, or hartmanhomesinc.com
  • Keep an on-going file of kitchen, bath, bedroom designs, colors etc.
  • Bring a throw pillow, piece of fabric, art that you are concerned about matching.

Interior Selections

  • Carpet/Vinyl/Hardwood
  • Tile
  • Countertops
  • Interior Paint
  • Light Fixtures
  • Trim details

Changes in Selections

It is common to find a new design idea or product that you'd like to incorporate into your home throughout the design process. Any selection that varies in price from the initial contract, will be formally communicated through a “Change Order.” 

It is important that you fully understand where you are financially with allowances and change order costs so that there are no surprises along the way. The “Allowance and Change Order Summary” Schedule contains all of the contract allowances and the accumulated costs associated with them, as well as any approved change orders. An up-to-date total will assist in making decisions regarding selections, upgrades or changes. An updated schedule will be provided periodically during the process or by request.