Initial Appointment

During this first meeting, we will help you determine the best path for your home building experience, selecting either our Aspire Experience or our traditional Custom approach to home building.  Our Aspire Experience allows you to select one of our pre-priced floor plans and elevations and then choose from our unique design levels.  This puts you in the driver’s seat of determining the final price of your home.  With very little time invested, we can determine a final price and start the process moving forward. 

Here is what is on the agenda: 

  • Discuss budget goals
  • Review Aspire floor plan and exterior options
  • Identify a neighborhood and a lot to build on
  • Discuss financing/lender options


Plan Selection and Design Options Appointment:

The ultimate goal of this appointment is to finalize both your home plan selection and the design levels within your budget.

With the help of your Hartman Homes Representative, we will make sure you are choosing a floor plan that you will love today and for years to come.  We will explore any modifications to the floor plan you are considering.  Do you want to make a bedroom larger?  Or add windows to maximize the view out the rear of the home?  Have you always wanted a screen porch with a wood burning fireplace? Our experienced Representative will discuss cost effective changes to make this plan your home

Next we will go through the various design options available to make your home one of a kind.  Our award winning design team has created Design Levels, which are unique groupings of interior design options at different price points.  There are multiple choices within each Design Level.  Design Level A is always standard, while Level B and C will offer upgraded options.  A final Design Level decision is required so we can determine the final price of your home.  During this meeting, your Hartman Homes Representative will provide samples and information to help you make the Design Level decisions. 


Price Review Appointment:

Now that your home plan and Design Levels have been selected, our estimating team will process your selections to have a project price back to you soon.  At this time a meeting will be scheduled to review the final price for your selected plan and modifications and compare this to your budget goals. 

If the price meets your expectations, we can proceed to the next appointment.  If pricing isn’t in line with your goal, further discussion regarding Design Levels or modifications will help to determine which changes may be needed to meet your budget goal. 

 Contract Documents Meeting:

Once the lot has been chosen and pricing has been agreed to, we are ready to sign the Contract Documents.  A formal paper process, referred to as the Completed Contract secures a legal, binding relationship between you and Hartman Homes. The completed contract consists of three parts:

  • Specification Book – The Specifications Book is a 30 page document that serves as an addendum to the formal agreement and provides a higher level of detail of materials and labor included in your project.
  • Building Construction Agreement – The BCA is an 8-10 page legal binding document containing details regarding financing, terms, allowance items, occupancy guidelines, warranty information, etc. The BCA is signed after the specification document is complete.
  • Blue Prints - The house plans, also known as blueprints, are working drawings that the tradesmen will actually use to construct the home. In addition to completing the Specifications Book and signing the BCA, we will also discuss and hand write on the blueprints any pertinent details regarding locations of vents, meters, mechanical chases, exterior faucets, etc.

Design Appointment:

At this stage, your home become unique and personalized to your style.  You will meet with our award winning designer to make selections within the Design Levels you chose earlier in the process.  The designer will take you through each selection and the available options within the Design Level.  Generally this is a 4-6 hour meeting at the Hartman Homes Design Center.   


Financial Component – What Should Be Expected?

The mortgage process starts with filling out an application with your lender. Hartman Homes has great working relationships with various lenders and can assist with recommendations if needed. 

From the application, a credit report is obtained and “pre-approval” is granted. After the initial application and credit report are completed, the lender can discuss loan options and payment amounts you may be most comfortable with.

Upon completion of this process, your lender may ask you for verification of all information stated including:

  • pay stub documents
  • w-2 forms
  • tax returns
  • bank statements
  • retirement statements.

The client is encouraged to make decisions in the areas of financing, lot selection and general house plan design prior to proceeding to the next step. 

Paper Flow

At this stage, we start a paper chain in order to get the ball rolling. The following items are distributed accordingly:

  • Finance and insurance details are covered and questions answered by one of the Hartman Homes accounting team.
  • A copy of the Building Construction Agreement, Specifications Book and full set of plans are given to the lender. The lender then orders an appraisal and title work. The appraisal can usually take up to 14 days to be completed. Once completed your loan moves to underwriting, and both a construction and end loan are approved.
  • A closing date is set to close on your initial construction, at which time permits can be applied for.
  • Well, septic and building permits are applied for by Hartman Homes with the perspective city or county.
  • A date is set for the lot and construction loan closing.
  • First appointment with the designer is set and outline is delivered.
  • Plans are then distributed to the framing crew and other subcontractors to start production.