Our goal is to make the closing process efficient and seamless.  Throughout construction, you will receive periodical updates of your allowances and change order costs to ensure that there are no surprises along the way.  Change orders are a natural part of the build process when going through design selections.  Our interactive building management portal allows the client to view change orders online and accept or decline immediately. One week prior to closing a Hartman Homes accounting representative will contact the client to discuss the specific date, time and location for the closing. It is at this time that the representative will arrange to forward you an advanced copy of the final closing documents to allow ample time to review and discuss prior to the closing. 


Walk Through Orientation

Hartman Homes will schedule a meeting at the site to walk through the home prior to the formal closing. At this time, a Hartman Homes Representative will be present and guide you through the Hartman Homeowner Handbook.   The Representative will discuss how to request service, warranty information, equipment/appliance orientations and answer any other questions you may have regarding your beautiful new home. Also, as the final walk through is performed, a final punch list will be generated of any items that need to be revisited (touch ups or backordered items, etc.)

Closing on Your Home

The accounting staff will work with your lender prior to closing to provide all required information including final lien waivers. A final inspection will be ordered and an occupancy permit will be requested. A member of Hartman Homes may attend the closing if requested by the lender or customer, otherwise a final payment will be issued to Hartman Homes when the transaction is complete.

One Month Customer Satisfaction Survey

Approximately one month after the clients have moved into their brand new Hartman Home, a Sales Representative will initiate an opportunity to provide feedback about the entire Hartman Homes experience. Hartman Homes greatly values this information and reviews all results as a company to determine the best areas for improvement as well as opportunities to recognize a job well done.

One Year Walk Through

Hartman Homes will schedule a one year walk through between the client and a Hartman Homes Service Representative. Typical issues that occur in the first year of new construction will be reviewed and serviced accordingly. Typical issues are due to expansion and contraction of natural products, such as cracks, nail pops, and adjustments of interior items. This is an ideal time to go through any other questions or concerns.

Service Requests

While most items will run their natural course in the first year and will be serviced in the one year walk through, other issues can occur. Service Requests are generated most easily via our online service portal.  A service request will be responded to with in two business days by a Hartman Homes Service Representative and necessary service appointments set. Non-warrantied items will be serviced for a fee subject to the time and materials necessary. If a fee will be assessed, the Hartman Homes Customer Service Representative will notify the client at the time an appointment is confirmed.