Our History

Michael Hartman established Hartman Homes, Inc. in 1985 in his hometown of Alma, Wisconsin.  The company was originally named Hartman Construction, and we were primarily in the business of roofing and remodeling.  Within a few years, we began framing homes in Winona, Minnesota, and started building several custom homes.   

In 1989, looking to increase the custom home volume, the business was moved to the St. Croix area, and Hartman Construction began to build custom homes.  After only two years in the Somerset area, Hartman Construction was building 14 to 20 homes per year.  In 1993, Hartman Construction became incorporated and changed its name to Hartman Homes, Inc.  In 1994 Hartman Homes, Inc. began acquiring land for development in the Somerset area and entered the development business.

Throughout the years, Hartman Homes has grown and become diverse in all markets from single-family homes moving up to luxury homes.  Hartman Homes has received recognition of design and craftsmanship through several awards and accolades including the Reggie Award, Trillium Awards and Premier Home Awards.

At Hartman Homes our goal is to stay diverse in all markets and continue with some land development.  While Hartman Homes focuses on new and innovative building techniques, we strive for the highest quality of craftsmanship.  Hartman Homes is proud to be a small builder because we value the ability to work one-on-one with our clients, which enables us to build the home that they desire.  Our objective is to always provide clear expectations in the areas of timeline, price point, and overall quality of product resulting in satisfied clients.

Hartman Homes is constantly striving to improve the home-building process to be as smooth and efficient as possible.  We want each of our customers to have a positive experience from the beginning to the end.  We are honored to be part of such an important event and want our customers to have a home that they can be proud of and that will provide a lifetime of memories!