First Appointment

During the first appointment, we like to get a general idea of what the client is looking for in terms of house plans, location, timeline and an approximate price point. These meetings are conducted one on one in a private setting, typically in our office in Hudson. The agenda for this first meeting should include the following points of discussion:

  • Complete client overview.
  • Custom or pre-priced plan track is identified.
  • Preliminary set of drawings may be identified. For custom homes, this may require looking through previous plans to pinpoint a base line.
  • Land is identified and lot reservations are made if necessary to temporarily secure lot during the proposal process.
  • Finance/lender options are discussed.
  • The next step is identified and either the next appointment is set or the contact time established.

Financial Component – What Should Be Expected?

The mortgage process starts with filling out an application with your lender. You want to make sure you fill out the application thoroughly to offer the most accurate options available to you.

From the application a credit report is run and “pre-approval” is granted. You can get a more accurate idea of what your payments will be when lending various amounts and then decide the loan amount you are most comfortable with.

Upon completion of this process, your lender may ask you for verification of all information stated including:

  • pay stub documents
  • w-2 forms
  • tax returns
  • bank statements
  • retirement statements.

To ensure a smooth process, the client is encouraged to make decisions in the areas of finance, land and general house plan prior to proceeding to the next step. At this point the level of customization determines the path in which the client will go.

Custom Plan

  1. Preliminary Plans – Preliminary plans are obtained by either selecting one from the Hartman Homes archive with modifications or setting a time with an architectural designer to draw a preliminary plan.
    • When working with the Hartman Homes preferred architectural designer, the initial appointment and site visit is preset by Hartman Homes and then confirmed by the architectural designer directly with the client. All costs associated with preliminary drawings, copies and changes are the responsibility of the client and pricing is verified at the time of appointment confirmation between the architectural designer and the clients.
    • A set of preliminary plans will be submitted to Hartman Homes for a preliminary proposal. Please allow approximately two weeks for the proposal to ensure accuracy.
  2. Preliminary Proposal – The next meeting with Hartman Homes covers the formal presentation of the preliminary proposal. At this time the proposal is carefully explained line by line to ensure all items are covered and understood. The proposal is used as a guideline to enable you to analyze costs and then determine whether or not to proceed with the current plans or to make modifications which better fit your personal expectations.
  3. Completion of Final Drawings - The plans will be completed to a final stage. Upon completion of these plans, you will finalize your financial obligation with the architectural designer and have a final copy given to Hartman Homes so a final proposal may be done.
  4. Final Proposal – the completed plans will be reviewed so that a final bid may be completed. Any changes and final amenities you prefer are incorporated into a final price. To ensure accurate bidding we ask for a two week time frame. The final proposal provides the exact price you will need to provide to your lender. To proceed with Custom process, go to Paper Flow……

Vintage Collection and Artisan Series Process

  1. Base Plans – Base plans are determined by selecting from the Hartman Homes Vintage Collection or Artisan Series. From here, discussion takes place as to your preferred modifications or any changes deemed necessary due to the lot specifications, etc. Pricing is then quoted.
  2. Completion of Final Plans - Hartman Homes will make any modifications in order to create a final plan from which the house is built.

Paper Flow

A formal paper process, referred to as the completed contract secures a legal, binding relationship between you and Hartman Homes. The completed contract consists of three parts:

  • Specification Booklet – The specifications booklet is a 30 page document that serves as an addendum to the formal agreement and provides a higher level of detail of materials and labor.
  • Building Construction Agreement – The BCA is an 8-10 page legal binding document containing details regarding financing, terms, allowance items, occupancy guidelines, warranty information, etc. The BCA is signed after the specification document is complete.
  • Blue Prints - The house plans, also known as blueprints, are working drawings that the tradesmen will actually use to construct the home. In addition to completing the specifications book and signing the contract, we will also discuss and hand write on the blueprints any pertinent details regarding locations of vents, meters, mechanical chases, exterior faucets, etc.

At this stage, we start a paper chain in order to get the ball rolling. The following items are distributed accordingly:

  • Finance and insurance details are covered and questions answered by one of the Hartman Homes accounting team.
  • A copy of the contract, specifications book and full set of plans are given to the lender. The lender then orders an appraisal and title work. This usually takes about 7-10 days. Once completed your loan moves to underwriting, and both a construction and end loan are approved.
  • A closing date is set to close on your initial loan, so permits can be drawn.
  • Well, septic and building permits are applied for by Hartman Homes with the perspective city or county.
  • A date is set for the lot closing.
  • First appointment with the designer is set and outline is delivered.

Plans are then distributed to the framing crew and other sub contractors to start production.